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  • License type: Freeware
  • Version: 5.4.11
  • Date Updated: 2013-03-27
  • Developer: AnchorFree, Inc.

Hotspot Shield 5.4.11 Free Download

Freeware: This program is free software

Browse the internet anonymously and with some security

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Hotspot Shield is the most trusted Encryption available to download. The software has grown in popularity in part because of the number of options it offers for a convenient internet browsing.

There are many key benefits for using Hotspot Shield. The first one you need to know is that this is an application that is able to secure your web sessions. The free version even lets you customize the way you connect to proxy and FTP servers. The VPN client can work on wireless and wired connections. If you are one of the users with a slow connection, Hotspot Shield has the potential to make that connection faster.

Creates a secure connection

The number one goal however of Hotspot Shield is for an anonymous connection. Thus, the software could be used to obtain an IP that will not reveal your actual location. This anonymous IP will help you access contents anonymously while bypassing firewalls. This anonymous browsing offered by Hotspot Shield is good for preventing unauthorized access to your network. Beginners will have a much easier time understanding the interface of Hotspot Shield in comparison to the interface of UltraSurf or Spotflux.

With Hotspot Shield, you will be able to access blocked sites. The software has much more options for securing your home network and browsing the internet anonymously. The download of this client can be performed on all modern machines including Windows and Mac. This easy to use yet efficient software does not even have to be configured. Last but not least, the free Hotspot Shield comes with a complete protection against malware.

Hotspot Shield is the ultimate tool for a secure and protected browsing experience.

  • Comes with a malware protection
  • Secure connections
  • Has an anonymous browsing feature
  • Provides access to blocked sites
  • The free version comes with ads
  • Surfing can be slow randomly

Choose your download:

Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download
HSS-773.exe exe 0.00B 5.4.11 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
HSS-701.exe exe 0.00B 5.4.5 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
HSS-701.exe exe 0.00B 5.4.3 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
HSS-701.exe exe 0.00B 5.4.1 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
Hotspot Shield 5.4.11 Free Download screenshot